Honda Jet

The HondaJet is a light business jet aircraft manufactured by the Honda Aircraft Company. It has a distinctive over-the-wing engine mount configuration, and was designed to maximize speed, comfort and fuel efficiency. Here are some specifications for the HondaJet:

Maximum seating capacity: 6 passengers

Range: 1,223 nautical miles (2,263 km)

Maximum cruise speed: 422 knots (778 km/h)

Ceiling: 43,000 ft (13,106 m)

Engines: 2 GE Honda HF120 turbofans, each producing 1,887 lbf (8.40 kN) of thrust

The cabin of the HondaJet features a fully-private lavatory, a club-seating arrangement with four seats and two more seats forward, and a baggage area accessible during flight. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin's G3000 avionics suite, including synthetic vision, weather radar, and traffic collision avoidance system. The HondaJet is certified for single-pilot operations.

In 2019, Honda released a newer version of the aircraft, the HondaJet Elite, which features an increased range of 1,437 nautical miles (2,661 km), a higher maximum altitude of 43,000 ft (13,106 m), and other performance and cabin improvements.