Beechcraft Premier 1 / Premier 1A

The Beechcraft Premier 1 is a light business jet that is known for its efficiency, performance, and passenger comfort. The aircraft is as well recognized for its balance of performance and comfort in the light business jet category. It provides an efficient and enjoyable travel experience for passengers on short to medium-haul flights. Here are some key features:

Passenger Cabin:

The Premier 1 typically accommodates six to seven passengers in a comfortable and well-appointed cabin. The cabin dimensions include a length of approximately 13.5 feet (4.10 m), a width of about 4.8 feet (1.46 m), and a height of around 4.9 feet (1.50 m). Although it is a light jet, the Premier 1's cabin is efficiently designed to maximize space and comfort for passengers.


The maximum range of the Beechcraft Premier 1 is around 1,160 nautical miles (approximately 2,150 kilometers) that, of course, depends on many factor like actual payload, winds etc. This range allows for non-stop flights between many city pairs, making it suitable for short to medium-haul journeys.


The Premier 1 is known for its impressive speed, with a maximum cruise speed of around 451 knots (approximately 833 kilometers per hour). The high-speed capabilities of the aircraft contribute to reduced travel times and increased efficiency.

Cruise Altitude:

The aircraft typically cruises at altitudes ranging from 37,000 to 41,000 feet, allowing for a smooth and efficient ride above most weather disturbances.

Baggage Capacity:

The aircraft offers a decent baggage capacity of 55 cubic feet (around 1.55 m³), allowing passengers to bring their essentials for the journey.

The aircraft has its updated version Premier 1A that includes a new contoured cabin headliner that increases passenger headroom, adjustable LED downwash lighting and repositioned passenger reading lights. Cabin chairs have also been completely restyled for increased comfort and more legroom.