Cessna Citation CJ2

The Citation CJ2 is a light business jet aircraft manufactured by Cessna. It is an upgrade to the Citation CJ1, featuring a larger cabin and improved performance capabilities.

The CJ2 has a range of approximately 1,875 nautical miles (3,472 km) and can fly at a maximum speed of 417 knots (771 km/h).

Cabin Configuration: The CJ2 typically has a standard configuration for six passengers, arranged in a club seating layout. The cabin may include comfortable seats with options for recline and swivel.

Cabin Dimensions: The cabin is designed to provide a comfortable and spacious environment for passengers, offering a balance between size and efficiency.

Maximum Seating: 6 to 7 passengers

Cabin Width: 4.83 feet (1,47 m)

Cabin Height: 4.75 feet (1,45 m)

Cabin Length: 13.58 feet (4,14 m)

The aircraft is equipped with an enclosed lavatory in rear of the passenger cabin. In most aircraft, the toilet seat is belted which means it can be used as a certified passenger seat during takeoff and landing.

ypical Seating Layout of Citation CJ2:

6 passengers or 7 passengers (6 seats + 1 belted lavatory seat)