Cessna Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a light jet aircraft that was first introduced in 1995 as an upgrade to the Citation II. The Bravo model features the more powerful and fuel-efficient engines which resulted in faster cruise speed and maximum range.

Passenger Cabin:

The Citation Bravo typically accommodates 7 to 8 passengers in a standard configuration.

The cabin is designed for comfort and efficiency, with executive seating arrangements and ample space for passengers. Standard cabin dimensions are: width 4.8 feet or 1.46 m, cabin height 4.8 feet or 1.46 m, cabin length 15.75 feet or 4,8 meters. The interior of the Citation Bravo is often finished with high-quality materials, offering a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing environment for passengers.

This model is equipped with the enclosed lavatory located in the aft and separated from the passenger cabin by sliding doors. In many configurations, the lavatory seat is belted which means it can be counted as a certified passenger seat at take-off and landing.


The maximum range of the Citation Bravo is approximately 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km) with four passengers on board. This range allows for non-stop flights between many city pairs, making it suitable for regional and short-haul flights.


The Citation Bravo has a cruising speed of around 403 knots (470 mph or 760 km/h). This allows for efficient and timely transportation, especially on shorter routes.

Baggage Capacity:

The Citation Bravo has two external baggage compartments providing ample space for luggage and other cargo.