Citation CJ

The Citation CJ, produced by Cessna, is a family of light business jets that are known for their efficiency, comfort, and performance. The CJ is designed to meet the needs of private and corporate owners, with a range of up to 1,500 nautical miles, depending on the model.

The Citation CJ series features a spacious cabin with comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers, and a range of amenities to make any flight a pleasant experience. The CJ has a maximum speed of 480 knots, and can climb to an altitude of 45,000 feet, providing a smooth and efficient flight.

The CJ is powered by two Williams FJ44 engines, which provide a total thrust of 3,400 pounds, and is equipped with advanced avionics and systems, including weather radar, terrain awareness and warning systems, and a GPS navigation system.

The CJ is available in several different models, including the CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, and CJ4. Each model features a range of improvements and upgrades over its predecessor, including improved engines, avionics, and cabin amenities. Overall, the Citation CJ series is a popular choice for owners and operators looking for a reliable, efficient, and comfortable light business jet.