Step 2: Customize your Journey by Sharing your Preferences

OPES JET is unique in more ways than one. We do not instantly generate hundreds of unusable quotations, but instead we first provide you with real-time market insights before helping you further tailor your flight requests to ensure you receive offers you really want to book.

Our marketplace has the ability to directly connect you to 8000+ private jets world-wide, so it is important to set the right requirements to highlight those operators who will truly want to do their best to exceed your expectations, and win your flight.

This helps save time, and ensures you the best available rates.

By following this unique approach OPES JET was able to achieve the industry's highest request to booking conversion ratio: averaging 35% in 2022.
The benchmark for charter platforms is an average conversion rate around 5%.

Ready to take full control of your private jet travel experience?

As a first-time user of our App, unlock your account first by completing the payment of our symbolic Retainer Fee. Once paid, we will remove your restrictions and your Flight Requests will be added to our charter marketplace where it can be viewed by the entire Private Aviation Network.