Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is a super-midsize business jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace.

Here are some specifications and features of the aircraft:

Maximum Range: 3,065 nautical miles (5,665 km)

Maximum Speed: Mach 0.82

Maximum Passengers: 9-10

Powerplant: 2x Honeywell HTF7000 turbofans, each producing 6,826 pounds of thrust

Avionics: Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21

First Flight: 2001

Production Years: 2004-2014

The Challenger 300 has a spacious and comfortable cabin, with stand-up headroom and plenty of natural light. It features a fully-equipped galley, a private lavatory, and a flat floor throughout the cabin.

The aircraft also has an advanced avionics suite, with a Collins Pro Line 21 system featuring four large LCD screens, a digital autopilot, and other features.

The Challenger 300 has good short-field performance and can access smaller airports, which makes it a versatile aircraft for both short- and long-range missions.

Passenger cabin dimensions

Cabin Dimensions: Length: 28.4 feet (8.66 meters)

Width: 7.2 feet (2.19 meters)

Height: 6.1 feet (1.85 meters)

Baggage Capacity: 106 cubic feet (3 cubic meters)