Why OPES JET is NOT a broker

OPES JET is a technology platform that enables the connection between users seeking charter flights and operators providing charter flights. OPES JET does not provide charter flights, nor does it act as a broker, agent or representative for any operator or user. Rather, OPES JET provides a marketplace where operators and users can interact and facilitate their own transactions.

As such, OPES JET assumes no liability for any actions or transactions between operators and users. Any agreements or contracts entered into between operators and users are solely between those parties, and OPES JET is not a party to any such agreements or contracts.

OPES JET does not endorse or verify any information provided by operators or users, including but not limited to aircraft availability, flight schedules, pricing, and safety records. Users and operators are solely responsible for their own conduct and any agreements or contracts they may enter into.

Users and operators should conduct their own due diligence and exercise caution when interacting with each other through OPES JET. Users should confirm the identity and qualifications of operators and the condition and suitability of aircraft before entering into any agreement or contract. Operators should similarly conduct their own due diligence on users and any requested flight itinerary.

OPES JET reserves the right to remove any user or operator from its platform for any reason, including but not limited to fraudulent or illegal activity, violation of OPES JET policies, or violation of applicable laws and regulations.

Terms of use for US residents – Opesjet

Terms of use for non-US residents – Opesjet