Why must my offer be reconfirmed by the Operator?

The private jet charter business is a highly dynamic industry with many variables that can affect and influence charter pricing and aircraft availability. Factors such as weather conditions, flight schedules, maintenance requirements, pilot's duty time limitations and even last-minute changes in a customer's travel plans can all impact the availability of a particular aircraft. This makes it challenging to offer bookable offers without first confirming the details with the private jet operators.
99% of operators will work on a first come, first serve basis. Aircraft positioning, schedule continuation, pilot availability, and even fuel prices can render the offer you had received invalid. By reconfirming both price and aircraft availability before confirming the booking, our members can avoid unnecessary disappointment.

OPES JET provides its members with the most accurate offers based on real-time aircraft positioning and historical pricing data. However, despite these sophisticated tools and algorithms, there is still no way in the business aviation industry to guarantee a direct booking without first confirming the details of the flight with the operator.

This is where OPES JET provides a unique opportunity to its members allowing direct interactions with operators in full transparency. By inviting our members to engage with operators, discuss their travel needs and preferences, and negotiate a price both parties can agree on, OPES JET ensures members will always book each flight on their own terms. OPES JET is unique in this aspect which no other private jet charter platform has been able to mimic as of yet, providing members with a level of control and customization that is unparalleled in the industry.

In summary, while it may seem frustrating that offers are not directly bookable, this approach provides our Members with more flexibility and control over their private jet travel arrangements. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with operators and secure the best possible deal for their private jet needs.